Pocket Park


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What is the downtown Randolph pocket park?

Why does Randolph need a Park?

Who would benefit
and who can help?

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It is a small park that will be built this summer in downtown Randolph. It is an opportunity to bring the community together in the design, fundraising, and construction of the park. This park will bring substantial change to the artistic landscape in downtown and contribute a meaningful gathering space.
In downtown Randolph there is limited downtown green space, no outdoor space for residents at Red Lion Inn senior housing next door, and an  absense of creative placemaking, art, functional/artistic streetscape. The pocket park fosters economic development by increasing exposure to surrounding businesses and strengthens community.
Your donation is not only going towards the benefits of having a community park, but the benefits that are multiplied in its impact to the senior residents in the apartments next door, families, visitors to the surrounding businesses, and downtown beautification. Every donation goes towards making a better Randolph.


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Design of the pocket park as of April 2017 by Ward Joyce after community input from two community design input meetings in July 2016 and February 2017.


 catamount solars vacant lot
Street map view of pocket park site

Actual Site: Vacant lot infront of Catamount Solar’s Headquarters

Elements of the Park

Pergola blueprint
  • Raised planters and outdoor garden space for the residents of the Red Lion Senior Housing
  • LED lights on pergola and along walkways powered by solar panels
  • Pergola to shade a diverse seating area
  • Artistic Bike Rack
  • “Monumental Sculpture” or sign that can be seen from Main Street
  • Small structure for children to climb/sit
  • Chess Table