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Lindsay Haupt Motio Recreation Interview

Lindsay Haupt of Motio Recreation

On this snowy day (11/15/2022) I had the opportunity to learn about a buisness I'd only heard of and had the chance to meet Lindsay, a lovely person and one of the owners of Motio Recreation. The interview is as follows: 


Q: How long have you lived in the area? How long has your business been open? 

A: Lindsay starts by explaining she grew up in the area and has lived here for all her life except for college. Motio Recreation was created in 2020, Lindsay's inspiration behind it was many things, one being the work she does as a physical therapist. She found her patients often did not have an indoor space to do the exercises necessary for recovery; specifically in the colder months that we experience in this area. I comment, “Being from California, this is my first snowy day but it definitely illustrates why you would need that.” Another big inspiration was her own children, she often found herself having to leave the area to find indoor spaces that her children could be active in.  I agree and say, I noticed there not being a lot of spaces for kids and the youth in Randolph. She agrees, and says, before the space was created, “I had conversations with other community members considering leaving the area due to this reason.” Thus, Motio Recreation was born.  


Q: How did the BRLF loan provided by the RACDC help or improve your business?   

A: Lindsay lets out a small laugh and says, “Without the loan this would be a building with nothing in it.” I look around at the large building and I am thankful to see a space full of various equipment and recreation spaces; not an echoey building.  

Q: How does having your own business help you connect with your community? 

A: She says that having her own business has helped her to be more engaged in her community. It’s created opportunities to network, collaborate, and all together be more invested in the community flourishing. The investment in the community is important because as Lindsay points out, “In a small town many people many people make a living through creating a local business.” She comments on how this creates businesses that cares about the people they serve. I say I have noticed Randolph has “unique businesses unique to the people it serves.” She agrees.   

Q: What would you like to highlight about your business? 

A: Lindsay emphasizes that “Motio Recreation is not just a recreation building; it is a community space.” I comment that with the building being so large and the space providing events and resources for people of all ages it’s a community space where the possibilities are almost endless! She specifically highlights an event; their teen nights which are sometimes sponsored by businesses so that teens of the area can enjoy the space for free! I thank her for this, having been a teen in a small town about 10 years ago (yikes it really has been that long) I know how much having a space for you and your peers can mean. Overall, MOTIO creates a space that is for all and goes way beyond sports. 


To learn more about MOTIO got to their website at the following link: