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About Us


RACDC's Origins

Randolph Area Community Development Corporation (RACDC) is an affordable housing and community development nonprofit. RACDC was formed in 1993 after three fires in Downtown Randolph in 1991 and 1992 that burned homes and businesses, including 50,000 square feet of commercial space. The community rallied to rebuild the downtown after the fires, and formed Randolph [Area] Community Development Corporation to spearhead the revitalization. The "Area" was added later when RCDC merged with Randolph Neighborhood Housing Services.

Our Mission

RACDC is a nonprofit organization that unites the community behind initiatives which strengthen our region's social and economic assets in order to enrich quality of life, instill pride, and build confidence. We do this by promoting sound development practices and investment, creating affordable housing options, preserving environmental and historic resources, and leading in the revitalization of downtown and village centers. Together, we are cultivating community. 


Community members come together with their own brooms to help rebuild after 1991 and 1992 Downtown Randolph fires.

RACDC is an equal
housing opportunity provider.

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