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Highlights in Downtown Randolph

White River Craft Center

The White River Craft Center's (WRCC) main offices and facilities are located at the Kimball House on 50 Randolph Ave, Randolph Vt.WRCC is focused on developing a community of artists and craftspeople to stimulate learning and creativity. All ages of learners are welcome. Creating with ones hands is relaxing and energizing for everyone. Mission: WRCC promotes self-help for individuals through stewardship and appreciation of traditional crafts. It does this by providing opportunities for craft education and community partnerships.

Chandler Center for the Arts

Chandler Center is a performing arts theater that holds events, performances, and exhibitions located in downtown Randolph. The mission of the Chandler Center for the Arts is to make visual and performing arts available to the entire Chandler population; to become a creative force and an educational resource for the community; and to harness the economic vitality of the arts.

Kimball Public Library

The Kimball Public Library is located in downtown Randolph. Kimball Public Library holds events, programs, and services. Their mission is tofoster the lifelong learning, civic participation, and interation of all community members.